Saturday, August 25, 2012

School Time Flies By

Already the first three weeks have flown and we are starting our fourth week. My schedule changed dramatically from last year and I have a mix of high school and junior high classes. The joy of teaching in a small rural school!

I started Interactive Social Studies Notebooks with each class and I have to say my high school students are a little resistant to the idea. They are going along with the program, but they don't see the big picture. I have some students who are finding them very helpful as a way to organize information. I also went off the textbook and I'm using notes, handouts, and projects to teach the standards. I didn't see any real difference in the first assessment but I know the students are more engaged in class.

This week was book fair week and I was able to take all of my classes by restructuring some class time. My high school students rarely get to attend and I have some avid readers. They were happy to spend money and I wish we were able to host both high school and middle school book fairs. Some of the YA books are a little young for my high school students. But I love reading and the librarian and I were able to share and encourage some readers.

My book bags came home full! I purchased hard copies of the Hunger Games trilogy and the Percy Jackson Olympians series. I also added Chasing Lincoln's Killer and Bloody Times for my Civil War reading. I added Divergent, Sound Bender and The Fast and the Furriest to find some new to me authors. I know I have more books in my bag, but I left them at school so that I could discuss them with my students. As I read, I'll post quick reviews as soon as the nights are cool and encourage me to read on the back porch.

Happy Weekend!

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