Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Has Arrived

Wow, eight weeks of school have flown by and I am so ready for fall break.

I have two classes that have me rethinking everything I've learned about classroom management. This is becoming very frustrating. So for now, I'm focusing on this month's October Currently from Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

I'm currently Listening to the white noise of NCIS and have had a cat in my lap purring. Very de-stressing!

I'm currently Loving the cool fall weather outside. I'm so ready for fall and winter!!!

I'm currently Thinking about going to a wonderful exhibit by Bruce Munro "Lights' a fiber optic exhibit in Nashville, TN. I'm going tomorrow evening and need to get my camera ready - batteries charged.

I'm currently Wanting my last block class to be quiet and focused, seems really hard for them.

I'm currently Needing fall break to arrive SOON!!!!

My current Treat is the free online grade book Engrade! We've been using this as a school for two years and it is wonderful. Parents and students have access. I give quizzes online and it allows my classroom to be fairly paperless. Students can upload work and I can put documents online for them to use. It has a lot of components that I don't use because of limited reliable student access. But it has made grades transparent for students/parents/teachers.