Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nervousness Setting In

We've had our first half day of school, schedules have been doled out, forms given, and students met! Now the fun will really begin. We have an administration day tomorrow and I'm still not set on what I'm doing for my first day of class.

Tennessee has a tax free weekend this weekend and I didn't give out a supply list today because I want them to have the chance to take advantage of the weekend. I'm sure many will have the basics on Friday and I want a chance to explain our interactive notebooks and what they will need to work with them. I always keep a supply of basic pencils and paper in my room.

This year, I'm a traveling teacher. I have three US History classes and one geography. The classes are in both our high school and junior high. Traveling between rooms will make it a little difficult to have supplies stocked in each location. But I'm determined to give it my all.

Having just started creating interactive notebooks, I'm still learning and processing all that I have to do to make this a successful tool for my students. I'm trying to not rely on my textbook and to revamp the materials I have to be more visual and thought provoking. I know that the first week we will be learning classroom procedures. The students and I will be learning together. I'm using a pretest with my HS students, giving them time to show me what they know individually but then giving them group time to fill in the gaps.

I am still mulling over what I want to do with my JR high groups. I need to bounce ideas off of coworkers and get over my nervous feelings about starting our notebooks. I love being excited about my job!

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