Saturday, June 1, 2013

Schools Out

We are one of the first schools in the state to get out. Our summer started two weeks ago and the first week out many of us followed our softball team to the state tournament! We placed second in the Class A Division 1.

Awesome group of young ladies, I've had the pleasure of teaching many of them!

As summer is developing, I'm spending a lot of time finding new education blogs to read and looking at lots of ideas on Pinterest. I have the honor of receiving a National 
Endowment for the Humanities Summer Workshop. I will be studying Inventing America in Lowell, MA. I'm looking forward to adding more depth to my Industrial Revolution unit. 

As I add to this I hope to actually begin using this blog to post educational information. I had great plans for this blog when I started but I let life get in the way and it hasn't developed like I envisioned. Hopefully, I can keep up to date.

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